A Response to the Announcement by ‘Save the Children’ Regarding the Report, “The Impacts of the Attacks on Education and Military Use in Myanmar”
September 13, 2022

1. On the 9th of September, 2022, Save the Children issued an announcement regarding the report ‘The Impacts of Attacks on Education and Military Use in Myanmar’ by Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA)’.

2. That report stated that there were 190 attacks on schools in 13 states and regions in 2021, and the terrorist junta and their troops used the schools as military bases, detention centers, and armories, and attacked the schools. Moreover it urged all the armed troops to avoid using the schools and universities for military activities.

3. The National Unity Government has a strong resolution to fulfil the rights for education to the people. The Ministry of Education issued an announcement that strongly condemns any organization which commits unjust and terrorist activities such as using the schools as military bases and targets of the military attacks.

. In the military code of conducts, in the interim education programs, and in other announcements issued by the National Unity Government, it is clearly described that such terrorist acts shall be avoided at all cost. The GCPEA report acknowledges the section in the military codes of conducts issued by the NUG regarding the attacks on the school facilities is well-aligned with the international human rights and humanitarianism laws.

5. The responsible ministers of the NUG are working on the ground in the rehabilitation effort to restore school facilities destroyed by the SAC, and provide education programs for children whose education was disrupted due to SAC’s violation of rights for education and its military’s attacks and uses of the schools for military activities.

6. The National Unity Government has already issued the processes and mechanisms in which the revolutionary forces’ violations of the rules can be informed and take responsibilities for their actions. . The suggestions in the report include the descriptions of the punishment of the perpetrators by the international judicial systems including the International Criminal Court (ICC). The NUG announced its acceptance of the ICC’s international jurisdiction and registered at the Court’s registration officer on 20th August, 2021.

8. The report already describes the scales, magnitude, and methods of SAC’s violations on the rights to education and destruction to schools, and such widespread crimes are found to be committed intentionally and systematically. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to put the two starkly different degrees of violation into the same tone as though both parties committed the crime equally, and that it can result in the international misinterpretation of Myanmar people’s rejection of the junta and demand for federal democracy.Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously when reporting such important matters and avoid drawing conclusions easily. We urge that international organizations need to support and encourage NUG’s effort to provide education and prevalence of justice through accountable international mechanisms.

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs 
Ministry of Human Rights

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