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ITEM 4 – Interactive dialogue on the report of OHCHR on the progress made and remaining challenges with regard to the recommendations of the independent international fact-finding mission on Myanmar in its conference room paper on the economic interests of the military


24 September 2022

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar welcomes the interactive dialogue with the Acting High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nada Al-Nashif, as well as OHCHR’s report on the economic interests of the Myanmar military, which follows up on the recommendations of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar.

To the Acting High Commissioner, the military – which now constitutes an illegal junta – “has continued its exploitation of the country’s resources to advance its own interests and fuel a campaign of violence and repression against Myanmar’s people.”

This campaign of escalating atrocity operations continues to rely heavily on the use of air power, artillery and other military hardware “bought and paid for” from the profits of the junta’s business interests and its exploitation of resources.

As recently as 16 September 2022, the military junta used Russian-made helicopter gunships to launch an assault on a school in a monastery in Let Yet Kone village of Tabayin Township in Sagaing Region. At least 13 civilians, including 11 children, were slaughtered in what has become the junta’s single worst massacre of children since its failed coup in February last year – an outrage condemned by the UN Secretary-General. 

Myanmar supports the Acting High Commissioner’s findings and the recommendations set out in OHCHR’s report. Renewed calls on States to cut the junta’s access to cash, foreign exchange and arms are an echo of the Fact-Finding Mission’s prescient yet tragically unheeded recommendations back in 2019. The present day consequence is an “even graver” human rights situation.

Myanmar also wishes to highlight some key observations shared by the Acting High Commissioner during the interactive dialogue. 

Firstly, in stating that the military junta “has been consistently repressing and terrorizing the country’s population in its attempts to assert full control”, the Acting High Commissioner recognises that the junta’s conduct and its deliberate and widespread use of atrocity crimes comprises acts of terrorism. The UN Security Council should therefore take steps to list the military junta as a terrorist organisation. Furthermore, the Acting High Commissioner acknowledges here that the junta has failed to secure control of the country, a finding further reinforced by her later remark that the junta “has failed to govern in meaningful and sustainable ways”.

Secondly, Myanmar fully supports the Acting High Commissioner’s call for “crucial” consultation with the National Unity Government, representatives from ethnic and religious minorities, and trade unions to fashion coordinated steps to “financially isolate” the junta. As the legitimate representative of the Myanmar people, the National Unity Government must be central to the “concerted action” called for by the Acting High Commissioner to prevent “the further spiral of human rights violations” .

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar extends its full cooperation to OHCHR and the Human Rights Council and expresses its continuing support for the mandate of the High Commissioner. 

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