Response to the UN Child Rights Committee's public statement on Myanmar's children 

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National Unity Government
Ministry of Human Rights

National Unity Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Response to the UN Child Rights Committee’s public statement on Myanmar’s children
30 June 2022

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, as represented by the National Unity Government, strongly welcomes the public statement¹ issued by the UN Child Rights Committee, urging the international community to take swift action to protect Myanmar’s children.

The Committee’s statement swiftly follows a searing report issued by the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar.² Finding the likely commission of crimes against humanity and war crimes by the military junta, the Special Rapporteur declares that ‘relentless attacks on children underscore the depths of the military junta’s depravity and its willingness to inflict immense misery and hardship on innocent victims to try and subjugate the people of Myanmar.’

Depraved acts directed against children include hostage-taking, the pulling out of fingernails and teeth, stabbing and burning, sexual violence, mock executions, deprivation of food and water and the denial of medical care.

As the UN Child Rights Committee asserts, ‘time is running out to save Myanmar’s stricken generation’. The rights of Myanmar’s children must be respected and protected, and perpetrators of atrocity crimes against children must be held accountable.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is committed to promoting and protecting the rights of the child, consistent with its obligations under international law including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its optional protocols. 

Myanmar also extends its full cooperation to the UN Child Rights Committee and echoes the Committee’s call on the ‘international community to urgently reassess and redesign the global response to the crises in Myanmar, prioritize children’s rights over other considerations and take concrete measures to alleviate their suffering.’