Statement on military terrorist’s attempt to open the schools

Statement on military terrorist’s attempt to open the schools
June 3, 2022

  1. The National Unity Government, the Ministry of Human Rights and the Ministry of Education strongly condemn the junta’s attempts to open public schools in order to portray an image of control over the country. This is a blatant attempt to exploit our future generations purely for their own political gains.
  2. Despite numerous attempts by the junta, many teachers, students, and parents are still bravely taking part in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) regardless of the hardships it brings. As a result, we see only a small number of students registered to attend the military-run public schools. We would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers and students participating in CDM.
  3. The NUG Ministry of Education is providing interim education programs and services, including both home based learning (HBL) programs and online and face-to-face schooling and is already planning for the post-revolution education system. We would like to encourage the citizens and students to continue opposing the reopening of public schools by the junta.
  4. The junta has and continues to commit heinous crimes openly against civilians, and another unimaginable attack happened at a bus stop in Yangon on the evening of the 30th of May. Civilians were killed and injured when the bomb exploded at a bus stop in downtown Yangon. There are fears the junta could cary out similar attacks on students in the newly re-opened schools in an attempt to pin the bombings on the PDF. In such schools the junta alone is responsible for the safety and welfare of the students in attendence.
  5. The Ministry of Human Rights together with respective ministries has outlined a code of conduct for the people’s defence forces. We strongly urge all civilian defence forces to strictly abide by this code of conduct. Any and all attacks on school buildings are strongly condemned regardless of who initiate the attack.
  6. The international communities should not ignore the fact that students and teachers are risking their lives to oppose the junta, to take part in the CDM, and to listen to the requests made by the revolutionary forces. We should not ignore the fact that the terrorist military can attack the same schools they plan to reopen at anytime. Together with the revolutionary forces, we urge everyone to fight against the terrorist military who continually disregard children’s right to education and who exploit children for their own political gains, so that together we may build a true federal democracy where freedom of education will be guaranteed for all children.